Self-Directed IRA Education Week

Online Sessions: Monday, June 3 – Friday, June 7

Attendees of Self-Directed IRA Education Week will leave with...

Self-Directed IRA Education Week Agenda


Equity Trust clients and a variety of investor educators share the profit-generating alternative investment strategies they’ve developed and used to build wealth for their financial future in this virtual education event.

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  • Self-Directed IRAs 101 and 201/301
  • Client Investor Roundtable
  • Secrets from a 7-Figure Real Estate Investor
  • Conducting Your First Self-Directed IRA Transaction
  • Creative Note Investing
  • Assembling Multiple Self-Directed Accounts
  • Case Study of Equity Trust's Self-Directed Investor of the Year

See the Full Agenda and Hear from Wealth Building Summit Attendees Below

Inspiration and ideas from Equity Trust clients and investor educators as they share the profit-generating alternative investment strategies they use to build wealth with their self-directed retirement accounts.

Practical application of how it works as clients share their case studies and Equity Trust representatives walk through the various tax-advantaged account types and the process of conducting a self-directed IRA transaction.


Day 1: Building a Strong Foundation – Introduction to Investing with Self-Directed Accounts

  • Self-Directed IRAs 101 
  • Conducting Your First Self-Directed IRA Transaction 
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Self-Directed IRAs
  • Compound Interest: Investing with an IRA

Day 2: Tax-Advantaged Real Estate Investing with Self-Directed Accounts

  • State of the Real Estate Industry
  • Real Estate Rehab & Buy-and-Hold Strategies in Your IRA
  • Secrets from a 7-Figure Real Estate Investor
  • HUD Housing and the Potential for Big Profits
  • Self-Directed Real Estate Market Report: Data and Trends

Day 3: Tax-Advantaged Note Investing with Self-Directed Accounts

  • The Powerful Potential of Paper: Note Investing with a Self-Directed IRA
  • Creative Note Investing
  • Wealth Strategies Through Notes
  • Self-Directed Private Lending Basics

Day 4: Next-Level Investing – Advanced Strategies from Self-Directed Investors

  • Self-Directed IRAs 201/301
  • Assembling Multiple Self-Directed Accounts
  • How to Use Small Self-Directed IRAs to Build Wealth
  • Digital Currency Investing with Self-Directed Accounts

Day 5: Inspiration Day – Case Studies and the Equity Trust Advantage

  • Learning from Other’s Success: Self-Directed IRA Case Studies
  • Self-Directed Investor of the Year: How My Family Profited Over $130k Between 5 Accounts
  • Client Roundtable Discussion
  • Self-Directed Investor of the Year: How a Beginner Made 40% Returns in 16 Months
  • Opportunity at Your Fingertips: myEQUITY Online Account Management

Testimonials About Equity Trust's Education Events

"True to form with ETC, I received far more value than I expected. The presenters knew their material inside and out."

- Seattle Attendee

"This workshop was excellent. I learned valuable information on how I can use my IRA to invest in real estate."

- Fort Lauderdale Attendee

"I enjoyed the case studies and appreciated hearing more info about self-directed applications I was not aware of."

- Dallas Attendee

“Recently, I attended an ETC workshop in San Diego.  I can proudly say the morning session with John was the best 2½ hour learning session I ever had in my life.” 

– Jay, CA

“Equity Trust has been doing this for a long time, which makes me feel better and have more confidence. Because you’re not born knowing this stuff. You have to have somebody help you through the process. And that’s been very helpful and think it’s a good team.” 

– Nancy, AZ

“The Summit was awesome. It gave us a better understanding of what we can do to leave a legacy for our family…We learned how the IRA is a powerful tool that can invest in other things and is something that is life changing for us.”

– Donette & Jerome, TX

“I come to these events because the light bulb goes on so much I have to write lots of notes and go back home to debrief on it. Because you get saturated with great ideas.”

– Peter, AZ

“I learned a lot more than I expected – it was a wealth of knowledge. I couldn’t even go to sleep because of all the new things I learned. I left with actionable steps I can take right now. Whether you’re a novice or experienced, there’s something here for you.”

– Nicole, GA

Self-Directed IRA Education Week

Online Sessions:

Monday, June 3 – Friday, June 7

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Thank you to all who attended and participated in this education-packed week. If you have questions about your self-directed account options at Equity Trust, call 855-673-4721 to speak with a Senior Account Executive or schedule a consultation below.

If a session was missed or you needed to review a specific presentation, please email to request access.

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We will continue to provide valuable wealth-building education and look forward to empowering self-directed investors to build wealth by investing in what they know best.

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