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Invest tax-free

Retire tax-free

Build a legacy tax-free

by investing in what you know best

with a Roth IRA at Equity Trust


What can a Roth IRA do for you?

  • Investments grow tax-free while inside a Roth IRA
  • Money withdrawn from the account is tax-free*
  • Ability to contribute after age 70½ – No age limit
  • No Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
  • Enjoy the freedom to invest in both traditional and alternative assets at Equity Trust

Fast and friendly service. Would, and have, recommended Equity Trust to many investors. It is a great way to defer income or better, use a Roth and not pay any income taxes. :)


TrustPilot review

I have had my Roth IRA with Equity Trust Company for just under 20 years. I recommend ETC whenever asked or any time the subject of a self-directed IRA comes up in conversation. I do not hesitate to rate Equity Trust Company the highest rating possible, which in this case is limited to Five Stars, the maximum rating.


TrustPilot review

* For qualified distributions after age 59½ after the account has been established for at least five years

"They are the best in the business for helping people who want a self-directed IRA. They are especially adept at helping people who want to invest in real estate in a traditional or Roth IRA. They have always handled my requests in a timely and professional manner."

Alan S.


"Dependable, accurate and timely. Equity Trust is accurate and do what they say and do it when they say. I have complete confidence the transaction will be done correctly and on time. In 15 years, I've had NO re-dos on a transaction."


TrustPilot review

"I've been a client for about five years and I love Equity Trust. From the beginning, when I first rolled my money over, I thought it was going to be very complicated. But I simply gave them my former statement, they walked me through the process, asked lots of questions, and there it was. And every time I need something, the service is awesome."

Gina B.


"The best company to handle your self-direct IRA. Their superior customer service team is out of this world. I have used other companies and they can't compare with Equity Trust Company."


TrustPilot review

What our Clients are Saying

Invest tax-free, Retire tax-free, Build a legacy tax-free...

Discover the Tax-Free Advantages of Roth IRAs in Your FREE Guide


Invest tax-free

Retire tax-free

Build a legacy tax-free...

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  • Roth account eligibility requirements
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