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Equity Trust Advantages

Invest in Real Estate Private Equity with Your Retirement Account

Simple Process Makes it Easy to Get Started Today


Investing in private equity real estate through a crowdfunding portal or on your own with a retirement account is a simple process at Equity Trust. Backed by innovative technology and 35 years of experience, an Equity Trust IRA allows you to get started today investing in an alternative asset you prefer.

Easy to open, fund and begin investing in private equity real estate.

Whether it's through a crowdfunding portal or on your own, Equity Trust's innovative technology simplifies the process.

Knowledgeable resources available if you have any questions along the way.

Online self-service tools or dedicated, experienced employees can assist you at any point in the process.

More than 35 years of alternative asset custody experience.

When you open an account at Equity Trust, it's with an industry leader than specializes in the custody of alternative assets, including private equity real estate.

Access to free wealth building education.

Become a better-informed investor through Equity Trust's exclusive education offerings including webinars, whitepapers, infographics and in-person training events across the country.