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The Powerful Potential of Paper

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Discover the Potential Tax Advantages and Ability to Invest in Mortgage Notes/Deeds of Trust with a Self-Directed IRA

Real estate notes are a popular investment for self-directed retirement investors, but the powerful potential of “paper” through promissory note investing extends beyond mortgage notes/deeds of trust.

Discover how investors are earning passive, tax-advantaged income to build wealth for retirement (and to fund their retirement years) through promissory note investing with their self-directed retirement accounts.

This webinar will feature:

  • Review of promissory notes and real estate notes – including the difference between performing and non-performing notes
  • 4 self-directed IRA note investment case studies
  • Overview of 7 tax-advantaged accounts with the flexibility to invest in both alternative and traditional assets

Looking for inspiration or just interested to see how others invest using self-directed retirement accounts?

Register now for the webinar to discover how investors boosted their financial future through promissory note investments with their self-directed IRAs.

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Yuriy S.



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