Discover the Triple Tax Benefits of the Health Savings Account

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Welcome to a Tax-Free Health Plan

Take control of your health care savings.

  • Tax deduction on contributions (subject to limitations)
  • Tax-free environment for cash and investments in an HSA
  • Tax-free distributions, if used for qualified medical expenses

Download our HSA Report to learn how a self-directed HSA at Equity Trust could help you take control of your medical costs – now and in retirement – with triple tax benefits:

Like all accounts at Equity Trust, a self-directed HSA provides the freedom and flexibility to invest in real estate, notes, private equity and a variety of alternative assets, in addition to stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Worried About the Rising Cost of Health Care?

Download our free HSA Report to find:

  • Answers to FAQs about self-directed Health Savings Accounts
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Examples of qualified medical expenses that can be paid from an HSA
  • Potential benefits of a self-directed HSA (now and in retirement)
  • Case Study: How an HSA helped a family build tax-advantaged wealth for qualified medical expenses
Learn About the HSA

Ongoing education with webinars, workshops, e-book, infographics, reports/guides and more.

Monthly Education

Simple, straightforward annual fee based on account value.


Investment liaisons and account service teams dedicated to client satisfaction.

Dedicated Service

Newly-enhanced online account management and bill pay system and the Equity Trust Digital Asset Platform.

Innovation & Technology

A leading custodian with 35 years experience and approx. $25 billion of assets under custody/administration.

(as of 12/31/17)

Stability & Experience

Invest in real estate, notes, private equity, cryptocurrencies, stocks, mutual funds, foreign currency and more – all from one account.

Investment Freedom

We have more than 35 years of experience with self-directed IRAs, HSAs, and other retirement plans we offer. See why clients choose Equity Trust.

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