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Take Control of Medical Costs by Investing in What You Know Best

The rising cost of health care (and health insurance) is a concern many Americans are facing today. But it’s also a concern many will face in retirement as well.

Fortunately, a Health Savings Account (HSA) at Equity Trust could provide a tax-advantaged solution to help combat the rising costs of health care – now and in retirement.

Equity Trust is providing education and resources about Health Savings Accounts as part of our mission to empower investors with tax-advantaged accounts to build wealth for their financial future – whether it’s your retirement, health care or child’s education.

If you’re interested in an HSA or other self-directed accounts at Equity Trust, call 855-673-4721 or schedule a consultation to learn more.

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It's your health care. Save and invest your way.

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How Do I Know if I'm Eligible for an HSA?

If you are currently enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) or plan to enroll in a HDHP for the coming year, you may be eligible.

To be eligible for an HSA, you:

  • Must be covered by a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and it must be a HDHP that’s qualified to have an HSA
  • Must not be covered by any other health insurance plan (this does not apply to specific injury insurance and accident, disability, dental care, vision care, or long-term care)
  • Must not be enrolled in Medicare
  • Cannot be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return
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It's your health care.

Save and invest your way.

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Discover the Triple Tax Benefits of a Self-Directed HSA at Equity Trust

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Learn about the HSA

If you are interested in the potential tax benefits of an HSA – and would like the ability to invest in real estate and other alternative assets – schedule a consultation with a Senior Account Executive to learn more about a self-directed HSA at Equity Trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a High Deductible Health Plan?
A: An HDHP has been defined by the IRS as a health plan with a minimum deductible of $1,350 for an individual plan and $2,700 for family coverage for 2019. For 2020, the minimum annual deductible for an individual is $1,400 and $2,700 for family coverage. An HDHP must also have out-of-pocket expenses, like deductibles and co-pays, which don’t exceed $6,750 for individual plans or $13,500 for family coverage annually in 2020. Out-of-pocket expenses can be higher for services that are provided outside the plan network.

Q: Whose responsibility is it to ensure that HSA distributions are actually used to pay qualified medical expenses?
A: It’s the account holder’s sole responsibility. It’s not the obligation of the account custodian.

Q: Can an account holder leave the account to another individual upon death, as with an IRA?
A: Yes. If the spouse is the person inheriting the account, the account can remain classified as an HSA. If the inheriting person is not a spouse, the account will no longer be treated as an HSA and the fair market value of the account becomes taxable to the beneficiary in the year of your death.

Q: What is the contribution deadline for HSAs?
A: As with an IRA, contributions into an HSA may be made until April 15 (or tax filing deadline) for the prior tax year.

For more FAQs, Download Your Free HSA Report:

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Equity Trust clients, Mark and Alison, are using their HSA in a way many people didn’t know was possible to prepare for the rising costs of medical expenses and save for the health care costs they’ll face in retirement.

I think people are now starting to realize that their HSA is an investment account.

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