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A virtual, on-demand education event featuring the power of self-directed IRAs includes three tracks, Q&A, and free education bonuses

The Self-Directed IRA Online Workshop

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The Self-Directed IRA Online Workshop features:

Michael Cozart
National Education Specialist


Michael Cozart educates audiences across the country about the potential advantages of self-directed IRAs. His professional background includes finance, investing and public speaking.

Here's a Preview of the Agenda:

Session 201
  • Potential benefits for small business owners/self-employed
  • Tax-advantaged growth to fund a child's education
  • Roth conversion
  • Case studies: unique investments you may not have thought possible
Session 101
Session 301
  • What is a self-directed IRA, and why do some investors find it attractive?
  • The self-directed IRA investment process
  • IRA rules and regulations
  • How to get started
  • Investing in LLCs, land trusts, and other entities
  • Debt financing and Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)
  • Solo 401(k)
  • Choosing a custodian

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Are you curious about self-directed IRAs? Do you want an in-depth review of using retirement accounts to invest in alternative assets?

Equity University has you covered with on-demand video presentations from an exclusive online event: The Self-Directed IRA Online Workshop

This on-demand workshop allows you to access quality wealth-building education, covering all aspects of self-directed investing, from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You are in control of the event, receiving instant access to three different levels of education - Session 101, Session 201 and Session 301 - so you can learn about self-directed investing at your own pace and refer back to each session more than once. You’ll learn how Equity Trust clients are using tax-advantaged accounts to secure their financial future in ways that you might not have known are possible.

  • Q&A after every session
  • Education for every level investor: 101, 201, & 301-level sessions
  • A content-rich agenda filled with how-tos and details about investments you may not have known were possible with an IRA
  • FREE Self-Directed Investing Overview guide when you sign up
  • Access to the free Self-Directed IRA Workshop Success Kit and financial calculators

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What People said about Previous Live Events

"This workshop was excellent. I learned valuable information on how I can use my IRA to invest in real estate."

- Fort Lauderdale Attendee

"True to form with ETC, I received far more value than I expected. The presenters knew their material inside and out."

- Seattle Attendee

"I enjoyed the case studies and appreciated hearing more info about self-directed applications I was not aware of."

- Dallas Attendee